Tien Shiao

Research and Professional Interests

Tien Shiao is a Senior Associate with the Markets and Enterprise. She is the senior leader overseeing the design and development of the Aqueduct information platform. She manages the application and road testing of Aqueduct, WRI’s tool for measuring and mapping water risks, for investors. See www.wri.org/aqueduct for more information.

Prior to WRI, Tien worked for four years at Battelle Memorial Institute, a research and technology firm based in Columbus, Ohio. As an environmental engineer, she led several technology assessment projects for the US Environmental Protection Agency and authored peer-reviewed papers evaluating drinking water treatment technologies for arsenic removal. She also has experience assessing climate change impacts on naval facilities and investigating chemical interactions during carbon storage and sequestration.

In 2010, Tien spent a summer as a fellow at the Yale Entrepreneurial Institute investigating market opportunities for a patent-pending drinking water technology. Prior to that, she provided water stewardship research using the WBCSD Global Water Tool for major food and beverage companies for select locations in North America.

Tien holds a Master of Environmental Management from Yale University, a Master in Environmental Engineering from Northwestern University, and a Bachelor in Civil and Environmental Engineering from University of Michigan- Ann Arbor.

Tien is a native Taiwanese but grew up in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, and Malaysia. Her research interest is in understanding and measuring drivers of water risks to businesses worldwide with a focus on China.

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