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The Johns Hopkins Water Institute and the Bill and Melinda Gates Institute for Population, Family, and Reproductive Health of the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health are proud partners with various...

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Faculty Spotlight - Mary A. Fox, PhD, MPH


Dr. Mary Fox is an Assistant Professor in the Health, Policy, and Management department here at Johns Hopkins and has been with the faculty since 2001. Throughout her career, Dr. Fox has been heavily...

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Perspectives from a Boat: Exploring the Chesapeake...


Baltimore, Maryland This past weekend, I had the opportunity to visit the Chesapeake Bay for the first time, with Dr. Grace Brush and her ecology class. Led by members from the Chesapeake Bay...

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An Analysis of the Benefits of Aquacultures


Non-communicable diseases are on the rise, and Americans are beginning to act. Recommended by the US Dietary Guidelines, Americans are trading in poultry and red meats for seafood, which are known to...

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Solving the global water challenge
through innovation, education, and collaboration.

PMA2020 in Kenya

The PMA 2020 Kenya training team. 

A community recycling program in Kenya. 

PMA 2020 Kenya collects data on family planning, water, and sanitation. 

The PMA 2020 works to improve local sanitation infrastructure. The availability of flushable toilets promotes good health in communities. 

Clean water arrives via tanker truck to a town in Kenya. 

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