Charles Young

Research and Professional Interests

Charles Young has more than 16 years of private sector research and development experience related to the rapid detection and identification of pathogenic organisms and toxins, including select agents, using both immunological and molecular methods.  He currently serves as a subject matter expert for numerous government-related microbiology projects primarily in areas related to the detection of select agents from clinical and environmental samples.

Selected Publications:

  • An activity-dependent assay for ricin and related RNA N-glycosidases based on electrochemiluminescence. Keener WK, Rivera VR, Young CC, Poli MA. Anal. Biochem. Oct 15; 357(2):200-7. 2006.
  • A Quatitative electrochemiluminescent Assay for Clostridium perfringens Alpha Toxin. Merrill GA, Rivera VR, Neal DD, Young C, and Poli MA. Anal. Biochem. Oct 15;357(2):181-7. 2006.

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