Yaqi You

Research and Professional Interests

Yaqi You received her MS in Environmental Engineering from the Department of Geography and Environmental Engineering at Johns Hopkins University in 2006. She is currently a fourth year PhD student in the same department. Her current research deals with the transport of antibiotics and the transfer of antibiotic resistance genes, as well as the corresponding influence on bacterial resistance in the environment.

Regional Experience:

North America, U.S. (the Eastern Shore of Maryland)

Research Tools:

Research Tools:

Laboratory Science: microbiology and molecular biology (microbial cultivation, DNA related techniques, molecular cloning, microscope techniques); analytic chemistry (spectrophotometer, GC-MS, HPLC-MS- MS, BET surface area testing, LSC radioactivity test); computational technique (MATLAB, DNASTAR, ImageJ).

Modeling: quantitative.

Statistical Analysis

Languages and fluency level: Chinese, native; English, fluent; Japanese, beginning.

Themes Categories:

Water and Health
Water in the Environment
Water and Agriculture

People Categories:



concentrated animal feeding operation, antibiotic resistance, horizontal gene transfer, subsurface ecosystem