Stefanie M. Falconi

Research and Professional Interests

Stefanie M. Falconi is a Ph.D. student studying Water Resource Management in the Dept. of Geography and Environmental Engineering. Stefanie’s interdisciplinary approach is motivated by her early experiences growing up in Ecuador. Her work combines structured modeling methods and public participation to help achieve a collaborative decision-making process that strengthens water capacity and improves water governance. 

She is currently conducting fieldwork in Brazil studying water permit allocations at the basin level in the State of São Paulo. Unprecedented drought conditions have affected the region of São Paulo leaving over 26 million people at risk of water shortages. Participatory Modeling methods make use of a computer-based interface to structure discussions and help improve the collective understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing the water supply system. The goal is to allow decision-makers to investigate problems from different perspectives including non-technical aspects of water resource management. Through the use of these methods she aims to increase transparency and reduce information asymmetries between stakeholders.

Stefanie’s graduate research is generously supported by the Faculty for the Future Fellowship which funds women scientists and engineers from developing countries pursuing an academic career and who wish improve the conditions of their home country.

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Stefanie Falconi, Water Resource Management, Brazil