Se Jong Cho

Research and Professional Interests

Se Jong Cho completed her BS in Civil Engineering from Northwestern University where she studied structural engineering, transportation engineering and planning, and environmental planning and design. She completed her Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering while she worked at the Center for Talented Youth, and then at Bechtel Corporation as a hydrology/hydraulics engineer.

She is currently pursuing her PhD in stream restoration and water quality management planning incorporating multi-objective optimization and stochastic programming algorithms. Specifically, she investigates the anthropogenically-disturbed watersheds in U.S. and the impacts on hydrology and geomorphic processes. She addresses the rivers that drain agricultural and urban areas that have experienced high levels of turbidity due to increased sediment loading.

Her present work examines the various physical characteristics of watersheds in order to quantify the sediment delivery rates, and can be further developed into a predictive model in order to quantify sediment yield given physical characteristics and sediment loss data. Maintaining water quality and development of sediment control strategies require accurate estimates of sediment sources, transport rates and storages; thus the present work facilitates improved understanding of watershed’s hydrology and geomorphology for water quality control.

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Sejong Cho, anthropogenically-disturbed watersheds, geomorphic processes