Peter R. Wilcock

Research and Professional Interests

Dr. Wilcock is Professor of Geography and Environmental Engineering, with a Joint Appointment in Civil Engineering and Earth and Planetary Sciences. His research focuses on erosion and sedimentation river sedimentation processes and their role in stream restoration and river management, laboratory and field experiments in sediment transport, open-channel flow, fluvial and hillslope geomorphology. In 2008, Dr. Wilcock was presented the Hans Albert Einstein Award by the American Society of Civil Engineers for his work in sediment transport in gravel-bed rivers. 

Selected Publications:

  • Schmelter, M.L., Erwin, S.O., Wilcock, P.R. (2012). Accounting for Uncertainty in Cumulative Sediment Transport using a Bayesian Approach. Geomorphology. 175-176. 1-13.
  • Singh, A., Foufoula-georgiou, E., Porte-agel, F., Wilcock, P. (2012). Coupled dynamics of the co-evolution of bed topography, flow turbulence and sediment transport in an experimental flume. J. Geophysical Research – Earth Surface. 117.
  • Major, J.J., O’connor, J.E., Podolak, C.J., Keith, M.K., Grant, G.E., Spicer, K.R., Pittman, S., Bragg, H.M., Wallick, J.R., Tanner, D.Q., Rhode, A., Wilcock, P.R. (2012). Geomorphic response of the Sandy River, Oregon, following removal of Marmot Dam. USGS Professional Paper. 1792.
  • Salant, N.L., Schmidt, ., Budy, P.E., Wilcock, P.R. (2012). Unintended consequences of restoration: Loss of riffle habitats and gravel substrates following weir installation. J. Environmental Management. 109. 154-163.
  • Kenney, M.A., Wilcock, P., Hobbs, B., Flores, N., Martinez, D. (2012). Is Urban Stream Restoration Worth It?. J. Am. Water Res. Assoc.
  • Jacobi, S.K., Hobbs, B.F., Wilcock, P.R. (2012). A Bayesian framework for cost-effective non-point sediment source management and research with an application to the Minnesota River Basin. J. of Water Resources Planning and Management.
  • Erwin, S.O., Schmidt, J.C., Wheaton, J.M., Wilcock, P.R. (2012). Closing a sediment budget for a reconfigured reach of the Provo River, Utah. Water Resources Research. 48.
  • Viparelli, E., Gaeuman, D., Wilcock, P., Parker, G. (2011). A model to predict the evolution of a gravel bed river under an imposed cyclic hydrograph and its application to the Trinity River. Water Resources Research. 47.
  • Singh, A., Lanzoni, S., Wilcock, P.R., Foufoula-georgiou, E. (2011). Multiscale statistical characterization of migrating bed forms in gravel and sand bed rivers. Water Resources Research. 47.
  • Gran, K., Belmont, P., Day, S., Finnegan, N., Jennings, C., Lauer, J.W., Wilcock, P. (2011). Landscape evolution in South-Central Minnesota and the role of geomorphic history on modern erosional processes. GSA Today. 21(9).
  • Belmont, P., Gran, K.B., Schottler, S.P., Wilcock, P.R., Day, S.S., Jennings, C., Lauer, J.W., Viparelli, E., Willenbring, J.K., Engstrom, D.R., Parker, G. (2011). Large Shift in Source of Fine Sediment in the Upper Mississippi River. Environmental Science & Technology. 45(20). 8804-8810.

Research Tools:

Conceptual Modeling, Quantitative Modeling, Statistical Analysis, Social Science, Field Research

Themes Categories:

Water in the Environment
Water Infrastructure

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erosion, sediment, sedimentation, stream restoration, river management, sediment transport, fluvial geomorphology, hillslope geomorphology