Pablo Peñataro Yori

Research and Professional Interests

As a nurse and lab technician at the Bloomberg School of Public Health with a Public Health Master degree and eleven years of experience in the management of field and laboratory research in Peru, Pablo Peñataro Yori has developed a committed interest in the optimization of data management for complex population base studies. His ongoing projects include data management activities in large longitudinal studies of malaria, enteric diseases, nutrition and clinical trials done under IND.

Selected Publications:

  • Lee GO, Kosek P, Lima AA, Singh R, Yori PP, Olortegui MP, Lamsam JL, Oliveira DB, Guerrant RL, Kosek M. "The Lactulose: Mannitol Diagnostic Test by HPLC and LC-MSMS Platforms: Considerations for Field Studies of Intestinal Barrier Function and Environmental Enteropathy." J Pediatr. Gastroenterol Nutr. 2014 Jun 17

  • Lee G, Peñataro Yori P, Paredes Olortegui M, Caulfield LE, Sack DA, Fischer-Walker C, Black RE, Kosek M. "An instrument for the assessment of diarrhoeal severity based on a longitudinal community-based study." BMJ Open 2014 Jun 6;4(6):e004816.

  • Julian TR, MacDonald LH, Guo Y, Marks SJ, Kosek M, Yori PP, Pinedo SR, Schwab KJ. "Fecal indicator bacteria contamination of fomites and household demand for surface disinfection products: a case study from Peru." Am J Trop Med Hyg. 2013 Nov;89(5):869-72.

  • Lee G, Peñataro Yori P, Paredes Olortegui M, Pan W, Caulfield LE, Gilman RH, Sanders J, Silva Delgado H, Kosek M.  "Compartive effects of vivax malaria, fever and diarrhea on child growth."  Int J Epidemiol. 2012 Apr;41(2):531-9.

  • Kosek M, Yori PP, Gilman RH, Calderon MJ, Cesar PV, Matthias M, Llanos Cuentas, Alejandro; Vinetz, Joseph. High degree of Plasmodium vivax diversity in the Peruvian amazon demonstrated by tandem repeat polymorphism analysis. Am J Trop Med Hyg. 2012 Apr;86(4):580-6

  • Kosek M, Peñataro Yori P, Gilman R, Vela H, Paredes Olortegui M, Banda Chavez C, Calderon M, Perez Bao J, Hall ER, Maves R, Burga R, Meza Sanchez G.  Facilitated molecular typing of Shigella isolates using ERIC-PCR.  Am J Trop Med Hyg,  2012 Jun;86(6):1018-25.

  • Chuquiyauri R, Paredes M, Peñataro Yori P, Torres S, Marin S, Tenorio A, Brouwer KC, Abeles S, Llanos-Cuentas A, Gilman RH, Kosek M, Vinetz JM. Socio-demographics and the development of malaria elimination strategies in the low transmissionsetting. Acta Trop. 2011 Nov 15.

  • Viengngeun Bounkeua, Fengwu Li, Raul Chuquiyauri, Shira R. Abeles, Colleen M. McClean, Victor Neyra, Alejandro Llanos-Cuentas, PP Yori, and Joseph M. Vinetz. Lack of Correlation Between In vitroDevelopment of Plasmodium vivax Ookinetes and Gametocyte Maturity and Sex Ratio in Peripheral Blood. Am J Trop Med Hyg. 2011 Aug;85(2):207-13

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Tropical Diseases, GIS, Population Science