Jose M. Molina

Research and Professional Interests

Jose M. Molina is currently pursuing his PhD at the Global Change Science Program, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, and his research work focuses on statistically based climate modeling for North African countries. He is particularly interested in developing a modeling framework for generation of local climate scenarios downscaled from climate fields at global scales like those derived from GCM products. Integrating such research results into hydrologic modeling would provide new tools and insights for improved engineering solutions in the planning and management of water resources systems. Before joining Johns Hopkins University, Jose conducted research on large-scale climatic phenomena in the Pacific Ocean and its influence on runoff variability in western US, and developed conceptual approaches and modeling tools for stochastic simulation and hydrological disaggregation. Jose has also worked extensively in the US and Latin America in the following areas: long-term climate prediction, hydraulic modeling of subsurface-water flow, hydrologic frequency analysis, water budget estimation in watersheds and water distribution systems, assessment of space-time distribution and use of available water resources for agriculture, water rights engineering, research and technology transfer in fog and rain collection for developing countries, and irrigation and drainage systems evaluation and design among others.

Selected Publications:

  • Molina J.M. and Escobar C.M. (2008). Fog collection Variability in the Andean Mountain Range of Southern Colombia. ERDE, 139 (1-2): 127-140
  • Dorado J., Burbano J.C., Molina J.M. and Carvajal Y. (2006). Ajuste de Modelos Probabilísticos para el Estudio de la Variabilidad Espacio-Temporal de la Precipitación: Caso de Estudio Sistema SARA-BRUT. Meteorologia Colombiana, 10: 60 - 75
  • Molina J.M., Gurovich L.A. and Varas E. (2005). A Probabilistic Model to Assess Surface Irrigation Water Resources. Cien. Inv. Agr. (in English) [Ciencia e Investigacion Agraria], 32 (1): 24 – 33
  • Ramirez C.A. y Molina J.M. (2005). Análisis de la Relación Precipitación-Descarga y Evaluación del Desempeño Hidráulico de un Sistema de Drenaje Interno Entubado. Revista Ingenieria de Recursos Naturales y del Ambiente, 1 (3): 4 - 11
  • Molina J.M. and Escobar C. (2005). La Neblina como Fuente de Agua: Evaluación de su Colección en el Sur de los Andes Colombianos usando Mallas de Polipropileno. Avances en Recursos Hidráulicos, 12: 33 - 41

Themes Categories:

Water in the Environment
Water and Agriculture
Water Infrastructure

People Categories:

NSF IGERT Participant


Stochastic Processes, Nonparametric hydrology, Hydroclimatic Forecasting, Fog/Rain Collection, Irrigation and Drainage, Water Engineering for International Development