John J. Boland

Research and Professional Interests

Dr. Boland's research is focused on water resource economics, water resource policy, public utility economics, environmental policy, forecasting, and utility rate design.

Selected Publications:

  • ReVelle, C., J. Williams, and J.J. Boland "Counterpart Models in Facility Location Science and Reserve Selection Science". Environmental Modeling & Assessment. vol.7. 2 (2002). pp. 71 - 80. Special Issue on Eco-Informatics
  • Hamaide, B., & J.J. Boland "Benefits, Costs, and Cooperation in Greenhouse Gas Abatement". Climatic Change. vol.47. (2000). pp. 239 - 258.
  • Boland, J.J. "The Business of Water: Overview and Context". Water Resources Update. 117 (2000). pp. 1 - 5. guest editor of issue.

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