Francis Gassert

Research and Professional Interests

Francis Gassert is WRI’s Data for Impact Lead where he seeks to promote open data, data visualization, and integrity across WRI’s programs. He also works to identify and develop new opportunities to use data to promote environmental sustainability and economic well-being, as well as on the design and development of the World Resources Watch. Formerly, Francis worked on the technical development of Aqueduct, WRI’s tool for measuring and mapping water risk, as well as on projects across WRI’s Water Program.

Prior to joining WRI, Francis worked as a research assistant evaluating socio-economic impacts of large dams in the Three Rivers region of Yunnan, China, and supporting the development of a decision making tool for hydropower development. He has also interned in commodities analysis at Barclays Capital and in video game development at Foundation 9’s Imaginengine studio.

Francis holds a B.A. in environmental studies from Colby College with a background in economics and environmental policy.

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