Eleanor Doong

Research and Professional Interests

As a Master's Candidate under the Energy, Resources and Environment Concentration at Johns Hopkins, SAIS, Eleanor will be entering into her second year this coming fall. Her desire to study international development affairs began during her Junior summer at Princeton's Public Policy and International Affairs Institute while she was an undergraduate at Rutger University studying Political Science, History, and Public Policy. 

After spending some time in the financial ratings sector with Moody's Investor Service in New York City and learning about the rating industry's  macroeconomic role in the global economy, Eleanor left to pursue an opportunity with International Justice Mission to study minority citizenship rights in Northern Thailand. As the field office's intern and only native English speaker, she assisted local staff as they met with government officials and local nonprofits to present cases on behalf of the hilltribe minority groups. After Eleanor's year long commitment with IJM, she decided to continue broadening her understanding of development issues by volunteering at a private, village school outside of Kathmandu, Nepal teaching English for three months. 

Her experience and interests led her to pursue a degree in International Relations concentrating in ERE and Economics, with a focus on food security in Asia and its socioeconomic impact on communities.  

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