Cristina Rumbaitis del Rio

Research and Professional Interests

Cristina Rumbaitis del Rio joined the Rockefeller Foundation in April 2007. As an Associate Director, Dr. Rumbaitis del Rio helps develop the Foundation’s initiatives regarding building resilience for poor and vulnerable people who will be affected by climate change.

Prior to joining the Foundation, Dr. Rumbaitis del Rio was a post-doctoral fellow conducting research on sustainable development at Columbia University’s Earth Institute. She also did policy research for the United Nations Environmental Program, the U.S. Department of State and other institutions. She was a recipient of the 1996 National Harry S. Truman Scholarship for Public Service and a Mass Media Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement Science.

Rumbaitis del Rio received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Columbia University.  She also has a Doctoral degree in Ecology from the University of Colorado. 

Dr. Rumbaitis del Rio attended a high level conference organized by the Global Water Program at the Rockefeller Foundation's Bellagio Center on Accelerating sustainable, people-centered integrated water services for the poor, August 29 through September 2, 2011.

Selected Publications:

  • Co-Editor, Integrating Ecology into Poverty Alleviation: a practical guide. To be published by Springer-Verlag in September, 2011.
  • Contributing Author, “From the Periphery to the Core of Decision-making: Options for Action.” (2008) Final chapter on Policy Options of the 4th Global Environment Outlook Report of United Nations Environment Program.
  • Rumbaitis del Rio, C.M., 2006. Changes in understory composition following catastrophic windthrow and salvage-logging in a subalpine forest ecosystem. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 36: 2943-2954.
  • DeClerck, F, Ingram J.C., Rumbaitis del Rio, C*. 2006. The role of ecological theory and practice in poverty alleviation and environmental conservation. Frontiers in Ecology 4: 533-540.
  • Ingram, J.C., Franco, G., Rumbaitis del Rio, C., Khazai, B. 2006. Post-disaster recovery dilemmas: challenges in balancing short-term and long-term needs for vulnerability reduction. Environmental Science and Policy 9: 607-619.
  • Khazai, B., Franco, G., Ingram, J.C., Rumbaitis del Rio, C.M., Dias, P., Dissanayake, R., Chandratilake, R., and Kannu, J.K.S. 2006. Post-December 2004 Tsunami Reconstruction in Sri Lanka and its Potential Impacts on Future Vulnerability. Earthquake Engineering Spectra, 22 (S3) S829-S844.
  • Rumbaitis del Rio, C.M. 2006. Compound Disturbance in a Managed Landscape: Ecological Effects of Catastrophic Blowdown, Salvage-Logging, and Wildfire in a Subalpine Forest. Aquilegia, 30: (3).
  • Rumbaitis del Rio, C.M., Ingram, J.C., and De Clerck, F. 2005. Leveraging Ecological Knowledge to End Global Poverty. Frontiers in Ecology, 9 (3) 463.
  • Rumbaitis-del Rio, C.M. 2004. Compound Disturbance in a Managed Landscape: Ecological Effects of Catastrophic Windthrow, Salvage-logging, and Wildfire in a Subalpine Forest. PhD Dissertation. University of Colorado, Boulder.

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climate change, policy research, resilience, sustainable development