Cara Merriman

Research and Professional Interests

Cara’s interest in natural resources developed as an undergraduate at Johns Hopkins where she received her degree in International Studies in 2008. Since then Cara has built her career in the global oil and gas industry in research, strategy and investment advising roles with a leading consultancy, international energy company and financial services firm.  Cara has a deep understanding of the water industry, technologies and issues as it relates to oil and gas development including sourcing, utilizing, recycling and disposing of water for hydrualic fracturing, secondary recovery and general operations in US and offshore oil and gas fields.  Her research has been used to inform energy executives, government agencies and investors on the oil and gas operating and regulatory environment and implications of water costs and sourcing.

Cara served on the City of Houston’s Mayor’s Water Conservation Task Force, providing recommendations on meter rating systems to improve conservation efforts in Houston. She also was a young professional board member for the Buffalo Bayou Partnership in Houston, raising funds and awareness to restore ecological integrity and to improve watershed hydrology and flood control for the Greater Houston metropolitan area. 

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hydrualic fracturing, oil and gas development, international energy