Till the Last Drop—a JHU water video


JHU has created 'Till the Last Drop', a short video highlighting significant water challenges and featuring some of our leading Global Water Program experts. Be sure to watch it.

The JHU Global Water Program team members featured in 'Till the Last Drop' are touring the United States to discuss the serious challenges we face today. These conversations take the form of a panel discussion as part of Johns Hopkins University's "Rising to the Challenge" program. At a recent Rising to the Challenge event in Boston, the JHU water experts included:

  • Professor Kellogg Schwab, Director of the Global Water Program,  Environmental Health Sciences, Bloomberg School of Public Health
  • Professor Ed Bouwer, The Abel Wolman Chair of Geography and Environmental Engineering, Whiting School of Engineering
  • Dr. Winston Yu, Adjunct Professor of International Relations at the School of Advanced International Studies
  • Professor Ben Zaitchik, Earth and Planetary Sciences, Krieger School of Arts and Sciences.   

Dean Nicholas P. Jones, the Benjamin T. Rome Dean of the Whiting School of Engineering, moderated the panel discussion.


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