About the magazine

The JHU Water Institute Magazine is an online magazine dedicated to covering the crucial issues in meeting the global water challenge of providing the quantity and quality of water needed to sustain the health of mankind and the environment.  The Water Intstitute Magazine aims to become a leading online forum for dialogue and exchange of ideas between stakeholders, researchers, journalists, NGOs, students, local and national government agencies, and other institutions and individuals working on domestic and international water challenges.  Here, you will find reports and op-ed style writings from leading thinkers and practitioners engaged in these challenges, and notes from the field describing experience of researchers and practitioners.  

This magazine is sponsored by the JHU Water Institute, which is dedicated to providing research and education that prepare professionals and students to be leaders in addressing water issues worldwide.  Our parallel mission is to discover solutions to domestic and international water challenges that are safe, scalable, and sustainable.  As such, the Water Institute incorporates every discipline from physical sciences and engineering to social sciences and policy, and the diversity in magazine articles reflects this diversity in the Water Institute.