Water Magazine

Category: Water challenges and solutions

This inaugural issue of the Global Water Magazine discusses some of the most pressing dilemmas in the water sector. Articles range from water supply problems in developing countries, to a need for better data, to emerging contaminants in developed nations, to the intractable challenges of aquatic ecosystems. This issue takes a hard look at the challenges ahead and offers some innovative solutions.

Luke MacDonald and Kellogg Schwab, GWP Program Manager and Director, show a way out of the cycle of neglect and failure through evidence based research. Rita Colwell, winner of the 2010 Stockholm Water Prize and on the faculty at JHU, argues that we need Interdisciplinary Centers of Ecological Health that take a holistic look at the interactions between man and the environment, to better protect both. Looking ahead, Paul Reiter, Executive Director of the International Water Association (IWA), presents arguments for developing physical and institutional linkages between agricultural, energy and urban water uses.

Other contributors are leaders from Aguaconsult, Army Corp of Engineers, CDM, the Center for Strategic International Studies CH2M Hill, the NJ Meadowlands Commission, Syngenta, Water for People, and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. Be sure to read our Trading Water series, by James G. Workman, Montgomery Simus, and David Zetland, which offer new ideas on water ownership that are sure to spark debate but hold the potential to reconcile differences between liberals and conservatives.

The editors of the JHU Global Water Magazine and the Steering Committee of the Global Water Program invite readers to post comments below articles. We encourage debate and discussion, and hope that, together, we can turn these ideas in print into projects on the ground.