Water Reuse for a Thirsty World – Tapping Your Future

Event Date

Tue, 04/12/2016

1:00pm - 3:00am

Sheldon Hall
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
615 N. Wolfe Street, Baltimore, MD 21205

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Founded in 1916, The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health is celebrating 100 years of protecting public health by saving lives, millions at a time. Recently, the British Medical Journal reported that providing safe drinking water and adequate sanitation was the greatest medical breakthrough since 1840, beating out vaccines, antibiotics and anesthesia.

In 1918, Abel Wolman, a Hopkins engineer and public health practitioner and co-founder of what is now known as the Department of Environmental Health Sciences, developed the method to provide optimal dosing of chlorine to large volumes of drinking water, a technique still in use today and credited with saving millions of lives. We cannot rest on the accomplishments of the past, however, as evidenced by challenges to our existing water and wastewater systems due to aging infrastructure, emerging contaminants and climate change.

Water reuse will be at the nexus of engineering, regulatory and human behavior challenges and solutions for a water-starved world. For the past three years, JHU and MWH Global (a leading water and natural resources engineering firm that designed the third lock of the Panama Canal and water reuse desalination plants around the world) have fostered an Alliance to address water reuse challenges. By integrating JHU students, postdocs and faculty with MWH engineers and technical staff, the JHU/MWH Alliance has developed a collaborative research portfolio providing an evidence-based approach to solve water reuse challenges facing industries, governments and municipalities worldwide.

This two-hour symposium will inform and engage participants. Presentations will be followed by a participatory question and answer session with the audience.


Dr. Joe Jacangelo PhD, REHS
Adjunct JHU Faculty
Director of Research
MWH Global

Kati Bell, PhD, PE
JHU Visiting Scholar
Water Reuse Practice Leader
MWH Global

Kellogg Schwab, PhD
JHU EHS Professor
JHU Water Institute